Iconic Furniture In Movies

Iconic designer furniture creates visual focus points as well as addcharacter and individuality to a space. Many beloved and renowned pieces havebeen used over the years to enhance Interiors on our cinema screens and TVproductions, here are 12 of our favourite pieces ever that you may have alreadyspotted! 

 1 The Jacobsen Egg Chair in « The Bridge »
Set on both sides of the bridge between Copenhagen, Denmark & Malmö,Sweden, The Bridge is brimming with Scandinavian design classics. Detective Martin Rohde’s house includes the heroic Jacobsen Egg Chair amongst many others.

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2 Noguchi coffee table in « The Skin I Live In »
Dr. Robert Ledgard (Antonio Banderas) is a wealthy, skilled plastic surgeon with an unusual mission in the Spanish psychological horror The Skin I Live In written and directed by Pedro Almodovar. The set director created an intriguing, palatial house which is tastefully furnished with aneclectic mix of Mid Century, contemporary and classic furniture and art and features in its lounge the iconic Noguchi Table.

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3 Wassily Lounge Chair in «Nine and a Half Weeks»
The Wassily Chair made an appearance in Mickey Rourke’s memorable ’80s monochrome bachelor pad of the steamy 1986 flick Nine and a Half Weeks starring the super sexy Kim Basinger.

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4 LeCorbusier LC3 armchair in « Sherlock »
Sherlock Homes(Benedict Cumberbatch), one of the most famous detective of all time, features in his famous front room in Baker Street, London a vintage 1959 Grand Comfort LC3 chair. The modern-day detective does a great deal of thinking and problem solving.

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5 Eames Lounge Chair in « Iron Man »
Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) seems to have the knack for iconic furniture in his house. Tony Stark favourites dark surrounding with the The Eames Chair and the Arco Lamp in the main airy lounge whilst Pepper Potts’ (Gwyneth Paltrow) is seen in her bright, sophisticated and contemporary office where she sits on an Orren Ellis Timms Caresoft Plus Conference Chair and Studio Designs Futura Drafting Table.

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6 The Barcelona Chair in « Batman v Superman: "Dawn of Justice" »
Bruce Wayne’s (Ben Affleck) living room is full of iconic pieces like the Barcelona chairs and Day Bed. Aside from being a superhero, everyone knows that he is also a billionaire businessman. He can afford just about everything, and that includes a really good interior designer!. His famous his living room in his Glass Housee is full of iconic pieces like the Barcelona chairs. It may look sparse to some but that’s just the way he likes it!

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7 The Tulip Chair in « Star Treck »
Space, the final frontier. If you are a fan of the 1960’s TV show Star Trek and love its futuristic good looks you’ll feel comfortable on the U.S.S Enterprise sitting on the Tulip Chair, by the side of Captain T. Kirk (William Shatner) and First Officer Mr Spock the Vulcan(Leonard Nimoy). While most science fiction shows must create everything from the ground up. Sometimes, they get lucky and use found objects as the basis for some fantastic props. While almost everything was built for the series, the production did pick up some everyday elements and modify them for the sets like the Tulip Chairs.

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8 Jacobsen’s Egg Chair in « Men In Black »
The Egg Chair is perhaps the single most iconic chair of all time and elegantly exemplifies the curvaceous vibrancy of 60’s design. Popularised by Will Smith’s sci-fi franchise Men in BLack, the MIB HQ features a number of unique and iconic design elements, most notably agents’ egg-shaped chairs.

9 Barcelona Chair in « Casino Royal »
In one of his steeliest scenes, James Bond (Daniel Craig) pauses tensely on a Barcelona Chair before acting with typical cool British composure! It is the stylish use of designer furniture and retro set design that makes such a successful adaptation of Ian Fleming’s literary creation: Casino Royal.

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10 Hill House Chair in « American Psycho »
It’s easy to say that Patrick Bateman isn’t a role model to look up to. After all, he is a murdering psychopath, but his awesome New York bachelor pad is something to love. Mostly painted and decorated white,this uber luxurious space also has a hint of black that makes it very special. The use of iconic pieces like the Hill House chair as a one off standing by the wall makes it very special and put an accent on the terrific design of the chair.

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