We are a Marketplace

Direct to Consumer Made in Italy

Classic Design Italia is the first Direct to Consumer online destination for the “Made in Italy” home and office design furniture.
We handpick the best Italian manufacturers in order to provide the end consumers with curated collections of very high quality, which will not necessarily be breaking the bank.

The Best Quality - The Best Price

We have to repeat this concept because it is our only mission: we offer the best quality products in the world at the lowest possible price.
Important: we do not compromise. Neither on social responsibility nor on service.


Let's repeat that, just in the inverse order:

  • Service
  • Social responsibility
  • Price
  • Quality.

That's us.

«Design should be as discrete as an English butler», someone said. We believe design should also be efficient as an English butler. Our team of interior designers is at the customer's disposal to support her in each and every step of the decision making process, with style tips, 3D rendering, swatches and catalogs delivered on her footsteps.

White Gloves Service

Once the purchase is made, our “White Gloves” delivery service helps the customers arrange the furniture they bought.


Classic Design Italia partners with Italy's best manufacturers, craftsmen and designers - sometimes their companies are hidden gems no one has ever heard of - to create a 'beautiful home experience.
How does this partnership work? Easy: it is a marketplace. Ever heard of Amazon and eBay? Ok, we are exactly the same. Just better. And, okay, smaller. Apart from Amazon and eBay, there other online shops having a massive success while running on a marketplace eCommerce business model.
It is a highly efficient model. Remember the English butler? Service Quality Price? There you go. We took the marketplace model, tweaked it a little bit in order to make it compliant with our ideas, rolled it out. Almost 20 years ago now. But we keep on tweaking it in order to make it always better.

The Marketplace

This model has proven itself to be one of the most efficient and popular in e-commerce. Marketplaces facilitate sales for third-party vendors by allowing them to sell products in one online marketplace. The entire marketplace runs on the same infrastructure, enabling all sellers to distribute their distinct goods under the umbrella of one website.

Win, win, win

The way we have adapted it, we call it the 3W model, or The Three Wins Model: it's a win for the consumer, first of all, a win for the producer, a win for us. The Win Win Win Model.

Why? Because it benefits all parties in a number of ways:

1. End consumer

Marketplace customers benefit from seeing aggregated options on a single website and are empowered to find the most reasonably priced or highest quality product. In our case, it is a combination of the two: the highest quality products at the most reasonable price. Why quality? Because we ceaslessly scout the Italian districts of quality to find the best producers. Once we find one, we establish a long-lasting relationship based on mutual trust.

2. Producer

Small producers might know have the budget or marketing capabilities to establish their own e-commerce website, so they greatly benefit from joining a marketplace because they gain an immediate access to a large audience of consumers interested in their line of business. By aligning themselves with a larger, known business, these players can gain visibility and utilize the marketplace’s fulfillment options.

3. Business owner

A marketplace allows the business operator to take a share on items that vendors sell, exponentially increasing profit opportunities with the enlargement of the assortment and the increase of visitors trust and thus returns.

Win today, get in touch.