Very satisfied, very good service and good product. From start to delivery there was good customer service. Giuseppe Milella who took care of my order has always been attentive and patient about what I could ask for. We exchanged a lot of emails until I was completely satisfied.


I had already ordered a Le Corbusier table and an Eileen Gray table a few years ago, and was already very happy with the products. I recently bought 2 LC3 comfort chairs. From making contact, via sending home samples of leather for the choice of colors, making appointments for delivery, delivery, everything is perfectly under the control of Classic Design Italia. Being a trader myself, I am particularly sensitive to the attention to detail provided by customer service: a single contact speaking impeccable French, contact by telephone and email, respect for deadlines, careful packaging, punctuality of delivery .... The quality products is of course not left out, the finish is just stunning (seams, welds on the metal parts, grain of the leather). If you like beautiful quality furniture that lasts over time: go for it!


Despite a problem at the delivery and 1 delay in manufacturing it was worth the wait: sofa products + velvet chaise longue (sofa back) + double leather pouf + shelf / reception and personalized telephone relations with 1 person who manages your request sending samples of leather fabrics to determine and struggle for us are nice. At an unrivaled price given the quality and tailor-made manufacture of Italian know-how in this area, excellent quality. The choice of CDI is to be recommended +++++ you will not be disappointed with the products range, better than roche bobois and 2 times cheaper.


What to say when we are fully satisfied: the catalog which allows us to get an idea of ​​the object, the call of CDI correspondents to guide us, online payment, letters before and after delivery, deadlines respected, home delivery and take-away packaging, payment monitoring, we would like everything to go the same way for internet orders.


Our apartment finished, the time to furnish it had arrived. We made various choices on the site, and asked for an advisor, a few hours after we were contacted by a young commercial, very professional, who offered to present our choice "in situ" 3D version (based on the plans and photos that we sent to him by email). 3D, and his advice, helped us a lot, the final choice made, we received the furniture on time (deadline respected, perfect delivery). Today everything is in place, we are delighted with the quality of the furniture, everything corresponds exactly to the products offered.


Congratulations to Classic Design Italia for a perfect service. Good advice with the purchase for the choice of the chair and the leather in particular the sending of samples. The chair is well designed and ergonomic. It is very comfortable. The quality is also excellent and the leather very pretty. We received it in a cardboard box in perfect condition and the packaging is remarkable, paper wrapped on all the metal parts and the cushions in tightly closed plastic bags. The Agediss transporter is fine, messages to warn and follow up on the truck. The chair was brought to our door. This is the first time that we have really had no problems. We can only recommend the purchase, my son was also very happy with his purchase. It was he who made us choose this chair and we are delighted.


Competent salesperson, very courteous. Compliance with the estimate of the billing schedule. Respect of the delivery schedule. State of the goods delivered perfect, impeccable packaging. Deliverymen: respect of the delivery time range, good unpacking assistance, very helpful, packaging removed by them. Again, congratulations and thank you for your service, I can only recommend your site.


The quality of the products is impeccable, but above all I would like to underline the responsiveness shown by the team and particularly Giuseppe (Millela). We had a problem with the delivery (in London). Classic does not use its usual carrier for deliveries in the United Kingdom and the carrier announces that it will deposit the furniture in front of the door of your home (no delivery inside because it does not want to take the risk of damage furniture by mounting them and this even if you live on the ground floor). we had a very large order (sofa florence, a table, a console, a bedside table, 6 chairs, and 2 side tables in marble) and we were really annoyed to receive the furniture downstairs from us. On Friday of delivery, the transporter kept us waiting all morning and never arrived, claiming that the truck was not coming onto our street (an incomprehensible excuse for us). We called classic pissed off and Giuseppe responded immediately. He did his best to find a quick solution, kept us informed of these steps. Classic paid for a second delivery and put pressure on the transporter to deliver the furniture to us the following Monday. Giuseppe asked the delivery men to make the effort to deliver us inside, what a relief! Once the boxes were opened, we were very satisfied with the result (finish and quality of the products) and quickly forgot the mishap. We received lots of compliments for the furniture!


I had hesitated to place an order in the light of certain negative opinions published on blogs. I was extremely satisfied with my order of the LC pony chair and my pipistrella lamp. Quality of materials, order delivered on time but also a remarkable follow-up of my file by a person who listens and is very professional. I will no longer hesitate in the future to make other purchases on this site ...


Despite the worries regarding an online order, and for the quality, the poor color of the samples sent, the payment by phone, the doubt whether book or not (so much fraud these days) - we are 100% satisfied Very good contact with David d Oria, very good order follow-up, transporter on time and on schedule, and of course important: the quality corresponding to the order. No traps and highly recommend Bravo CDItalia and David Doria!


Everything was perfect from order to delivery. Eva advised us very well both for the quality of the leather and for the color. The samples we received were exactly what we wanted. So we ordered 2 "Bibendum" armchairs by E. Gray. they were delivered to us on time and we can admire the quality of the leather, the work of the craftsmen every day. Thanks to Classic Design Italia.


CLASSIC DESIGN ITALIA offers a quality service from the start of the order until the week following delivery. Deadlines are fast. The items ordered meet expectations and quality. Quality packaging, packaging and delivery outside Italy too. LC2, LC7, Elleen Gray adjustable table, everything is fine. The Classic Design Italia staff are very competent, responsive and speak perfect French and English. A big thank you to Eva Cascavilla who advised and followed me, and who, after delivery, contacted me again to find out if everything had gone well. Ditto for Fabio Landro as for the accounting, settlement, banking ..., and also Vania in Tuscany. In addition, without even looking for an idea of ​​"purchase credit", always welcome, the possibility of paying a deposit on the order and the final balance upon receipt of the goods, was for me "Sesame", and a beautiful mark of confidence and guarantee. And we will never find this on the "ghost sites" which cash very quickly and never respond after ........ I too was one of the many victims of the infamous "Infurn" site, and closed now. But, CAUTION, because it could be reborn in a similar form in its presentation by playing with words such as italia and designs and dot machin (site in London UK, Madrid ..., no address, no phone reachable ... .). Reading it, for who has already been trapped !! ....., my feeling is very clear from a temptation to create confusion by using words almost identical to the logo of the real "Classic Design Italia" , as soon as you look for "sofa" on the net. It is enough for everyone to check it, understands who wants .... And let us not be mistaken about the site, favor the original, the real, like the famous dry drink !!! .......... In the end I am E n c h a n t, so I renew my confidence and my satisfaction in CLASSIC DESIGN ITALIA, and in my interlocutor Eva, with the singing accent of her charming voice. And I would highly recommend this supplier of beautiful designer furniture around me. Well done ! and Grazie.


I highly recommend classic design italia to buy high quality designer furniture at reasonable prices. In addition, the contacts are competent and above all always available to provide information and help customers in their choice. Indeed, it is not always easy to buy objects or furniture via the Internet by only seeing them on photos, but the availability, understanding, and above all the patience and competence of our interlocutors, makes it easy.


Very satisfied very good service and good product. From start to delivery there was good follow-up. Giuseppe Milella who took care of my order has always been attentive and patient about what I could ask for. We exchanged a lot of emails until I was completely satisfied.


I would like to share with you this new experience with Classic Design Italia. I had already ordered furniture 7 or 8 years ago and I was very happy with it. The furniture is always in excellent condition, so that when I wanted to renew my living room, I naturally turned to Classic Design Italia. It was David D'Oria who took care of me and supported me throughout the journey. He showed great professionalism and above all patience. A BIG THANK-YOU. It is really pleasant and comforting to feel guided and reassured at each step. I received my new lounge well and everything was perfect. The furniture was perfectly packed and the furniture properly protected.


Rarely have I noticed so much patience and kindness with the client. The handling of our questions and a clear answer every time. The deadlines are respected for a delivery without problem, there is no criticism to be made. Everything is perfect, no unpleasant surprises the furniture is of quality and corresponds well to the catalog. To recommend.


I was able to obtain the CLASSIC DESIGN ITALIA catalog very quickly (and free of charge). I then asked to receive leather samples in order to decide. A salesperson contacted me by email as well as by phone to advise me best; I have been in regular contact with her. I ordered, and I received within the announced time a very beautiful leather armchair, exactly corresponding to my expectations. I am fully satisfied with the services offered by this company, and highly recommend it.