Leather, cotton, viscose, linen, velvet, the possibilities are endless. Not sure what to choose? Would you like to feel the softness? or check out the color in the daylight?
No problem, request below the leather or fabric swatches, you will get them in a jiffy!
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Colors and details differences can appear by effects of Internet browsers, screen quality or photographic techniques. If you have any doubts you can always request a sample. 


Everything was perfect from order to delivery. Eva advised us very well both for the quality of the leather and for the color. The samples we received were exactly what we wanted. So we ordered 2 "Bibendum" armchairs by E. Gray. they were delivered to us on time and we can admire the quality of the leather, the work of the craftsmen every day. Thanks to Classic Design Italia.

Classic Design Italia offers magnificent and very good quality furniture. We bought sofas, armchairs, chairs and coffee tables. Samples of fabrics and leathers were sent to us to facilitate our choice in the many colors available. Giuseppe Milella was a great help in the choice of subjects. The deadlines seem long but are completely justified and the wait is worth it: the furniture arrives very well packed, the delivery people unpack it and install it in the desired location.

Everything went well from the moment we received the tissue samples, to the final delivery. It was Eva Cascavilla who took care of me, always answered my various questions with speed and precision, she speaks remarkable French. The object was delivered on time and is in line with what I expected. The quality / price ratio is good.

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