Monochrome Interior Design

Minimalistis one of the most elegant interior design styles, especially among urban citizens. However, given the sizes of apartment that are usually smaller than houses in general,the interior design needs to be evaluated so that comfort is maintained.


In general, neutral colours can always be the main tendance. One of the most popular colour scheme is monochromatic black and white. Be sides looking balanced, a combination of black and white could also conjure up an elegant, sleek and minimalist first impression. Basically, you can choose white for the walls to make an apartment look more spacious, and black for floors or furniture to make a statement or add a focus point to a room.


Here are more tips for a more defined monochromatic aesthetic design. You could add monochromatic photo frames on the wall of your living room or use floor tiles in one area of your home. Another option is that you can apply black colour on a certain wall as an accent. In order to prevent the room being too dark, always consider enough lighting in the room to complement the black-accented wall.


If we take a look at a typical space, there are usually no partitions between the living room and the kitchen. The division of space can be accomplished by varying the material on both spaces with black and white colour on both walls and ceilings. This strategy could also be done by juxtaposing two wallpapers with different patterns.


Bedrooms have an important role as a private space. The choice of colours in the monochromatic black-and-white interior design in a bedroom could create an impression of elegance and modernity, while still providing a relaxing atmosphere. To make the room feel airy and bright, use white curtain sinstead of black. In addition, you can also add a few other greyish-coloured furniture or decor as an accent in the space. Gray is perfect for a relaxing room like the bedroom. Neutral and soothing, it reinforces the calm character of the bedroom. It also has the advantage of offering a more assertive bedroom decoration. Because think again, grey is not austere, it can even sometimes be bright depending on the colours and materials that we associate with it.