CDI, the Marketplace of luxury furniture for your home

Classic design Italia is one of the fastest growing marketplaces dedicated to help you find luxury furniture, effortlessly, directly from the factories to your homes.

As a marketplace, we help you find just the right products for your home - your most personally identifiable space - from many hundreds of items all sourced directly from Italian furniture factories who want you to discover their unique crafted products and of course to ensure the lowest possible prices but never compromising on outstanding quality.

We are cutting out the middleman, which enables us to price our quality furniture aggressively down and gain an advantage over the competition as well as help build momentum in sales to expand organically.

Our Italian artisans are experts at manufacturing handmade, beautiful and unique products to showcase on CDI. Our platform makes discovering these easier and more interesting than ever. Because we work so closely together with our artisans, you can rest assured that products are designed to last and work well in your space for a long time.

We're always adding to the collection and we are making sure our artisans are using the best materials from wood to leather. The production is always Italian and local as we are very aware of “supporting local trade” and developing sustainable work ethic and use of natural and recyclable materials.

At CDI, our teams are dedicated to unrivalled customer service (ask Giuseppe!!) and are on hand (on IG, FB, WhatsApp, phone and on our site) to ensure that your journey with us is quick and easy.

We also provide an unrivalled "White Gloves" service, to deliver and help you set up your dream new piece!

Come on our website to discover our latest new collections. You can at any time download all our catalogues online and virtually tale a look at our showroom...

We look forward to welcoming you in the Classic Design Italia family!