Christmas inspiration for your table!

It's already December 14th and talking about the Christmas holidays already seems very real.

Here is a little inspiration for your Christmas table. Even if this year the friends, family, boyfriends and girlfriends formula is not quite the same as usual, let yourself be tempted by an exquisite decoration, just to please yourself!

Nous vous proposons une inspiration de Noël pour votre table. Même si cette année, la formule amis, famille, copains et copines n'est pas tout à fait la même que d'habitude, laissez-vous tenter par une décoration exquise, histoire de vous faire plaisir!

  1. Charger Plate: Think of this as the neutral element that tempers the colours and textures you add to the rest of the table. You don't want the charger to be the centrepiece of your party table, but rather as an important supporting element that helps showcase the rest of the table.
  2. Main Plate: Personally, we think that the simplest plates are often the most beautiful !. After all, you want the food to be the highlight of the night.
  3. Napkins: Napkins are also a fun element to introduce patterns and colors to your party table.
  4. Napkin Ring: Small table details, such as napkin rings, provide the opportunity to add a bit of glamor and sparkle to the table. Think: a touch of brass or a hint of sparkle via a gemstone ring: anything is possible!
  5. Glassware: Normally we like glassware on the minimal side, but if you can't make a little more of it during the holidays when can you and especially this year?! Inject a little glamour to the party through your glassware. Antique goblets rather than flutes are a great option to make the party table a little more special!
  6. Cutlery: You can go for something modern and chic like a matte black cutlery set, or something more glamorous like a gold set. Our preference? gold!
  7. Centerpiece: In our opinion, they should be the point of focus, after all, it's Christmas! The problem is that something too tall and too wide will block the view of the table and can interfere with the flow of the conversation. Beautiful foliage even at the table, then using a simple and elegant candle holder to add ambiance and height, without blocking eye contact between guests is a simple and very elegant option.
  8. Table Linens: For an organic theme with seasonal overtones, a table runner in natural tones and green accents is perfect for the look.
  9. Scented Candles: You want your party table to speak to all the senses, so don't forget the scent. Of course, the food itself will bring an aroma of its own, but remember that it is short lived! A beautiful, seasonal scented candle retains the festive scent long after the first course.
  10. Flowers: Always trendy, dried flowers also invite themselves to the Christmas table. Go for bouquets of seasonal flowers and combine them with natural elements like pine cones or feathers. Poetic and romantic atmosphere guaranteed!