One of a kind "White Gloves" service

From the moment you buy on our website to the moment we deliver in your home, our talented teams of professionals will be handling your furniture with “White Gloves”.

From the sofa you need to cosy up or the “Focus” piece you have dreamed of, our teams will ensure the best service and practice to make it blend gracefully in your interior. We provide the best “White Gloves” service and here is why:

A wealth of experience

Our decades in logistics have been spent gaining valuable experience with all types of highly delicate furniture, refining our transport processes, and adding white glove transportation features to every delivery. We incorporate best business practice on every project, using tried and tested practises to ensure that every single customer transaction is completed safely and to the end clients’ satisfaction.

What is white glove delivery service?

A white glove delivery service definition may be difficult to comprehend, as there is no limit to the actions that it describes. Any attempt to define white glove delivery should include going the extra mile to provide unpacking, positioning, installing and performing value added services on delivered goods, whilst also offering clean-up and recycling services for the empty packaging material. As an industry leading white glove furniture provider, Classic Design Italia final mile delivery services include all of these features and more.

As part of our white glove delivery services, CDI teams will deliver, unpack, position and install goods with care and precision by the hands of Experienced and highly trained professionals.