How to make the most of your outdoor space

As many of us are working from home, stuck indoors, it’s essential to grab those precious few moments in the garden, terrace or balcony to recharge, have a break and wander in the outdoor space at home unwind. We’ve gathered some tips on how to make the best of your outdoor space with the best furniture to fit these spaces.

It goes without saying that spending time outdoors is beneficial for your health and wellbeing. Nature offers an abundance of positive effects including improvements in mood and physical health, reduction of stress and anxiety and, in general, helps you feel more relaxed.

Here are some handy tips to help you make the most of your outdoor space.

Establish boundaries

Firstly, you need to be clear on what you do inside, and what you do outside.

The general assumption is to work indoors and relax outdoors. If you have a balcony or roof terrace, you can easily designate these spaces as your relaxing zones. If you have a large garden and struggle to stay inside and work during warm, sunny days, then divide the garden in sections. Designate one section as your ‘office’ for the day and designate another part of the garden for you to unwind and enjoy the nature around you.

Make space – be more minimalistic!

Medical research suggests that spending time outdoors can assist with alleviating stress, as well as improving one’s mood. A pleasant and accessible outdoor space can bring all the benefits of spending time in nature into the comfort of your home, it’s like having an additional room..

This is essential, especially if you have a small outdoor space such as an apartment balcony or small terrace. If the area is cluttered with furniture, chances are, you won’t ever set foot outside. Keep only what you need outside, such as a couple of chairs and a table. If you have a compact space, small and multi-functional pieces are best.

Create a cosy ambience with creative lighting

If you’re going to spend more time in your outdoor space, then you need to make it as comfortable as possible. Up lighting and wall lights can create a cosy atmosphere and make smaller areas look and feel larger.

For a warm, casual aesthetic, place coloured fairy lights on the fence or wall, or hang lanterns around your outdoor space.

Having the right furniture helps too. CDI chairs offer a timeless look and are especially comfortable. If your outdoor area is completely exposed to the elements, then weather-resistant metals and weather-proof fabrics are the best to ensure you’re prepared for whatever the weather throws at you!

Get planting… vertically!

Vertical planters and ‘living walls’ are a fantastic way to introduce greenery to outdoor areas without taking up too much room, allowing you to maximise any space you have for entertaining. It is a more creative way to add plant life to outdoor areas.

If it looks aesthetically pleasing, you'll spend more time outside. Flowers and plants instantly give a garden a lift, whatever its size and you don’t just have to enjoy them in the summer months. Flowers such as pansies and heather bring a pop of colour during the dreary winter season too.

A unified space

Over the past few years, there has been an upward trend in the number of properties with folding doors opening out from the kitchen into the garden. Some homeowners have gone one step further, using similar flooring materials both inside and outside their property to create one consistent aesthetic, giving the impression of one unified space. If your garden is particularly small, this is a great way to utilise any outdoor areas by making them an extension of your interior living space.