How to add colour to your home

Colour is a powerful decorating tool—it has the ability to improve mood, brighten a room, and it can certainly help you put a personal stamp on your home, too. 

Whether you’re just dipping your toe into the world of colour or have already embraced every shade of the rainbow, there’s always another way to work a new shade or shades into your space.

Would you dare yellow furniture?

Why not go ahead and pull the trigger on that eye-catching piece of furniture that’s a little outside the box? If you love a particular look or shade, there’s no need to hold back—it’s your home, after all!

Yellow Look

Paint your ceiling

Whether you choose to use the same paint colour that’s featured on the walls or opt for an entirely new hue, painting the ceiling is an excellent way to introduce extra colour to a space.

Curate colourful stacks of magazines

Books and magazines can also add colour on your coffee table. If you’re going for a maximalist vibe, don’t be afraid to rock multiple piles. A clear coffee table like the one shown will put the spotlight on your bright reads.

Go big with books

Books are a simple way to add colour to a space. If you’re an avid reader, there’s no need to hide your collections when you can create an artful display of texts in your living room. You don’t need to shelve them in a perfectly organized manner either, as a haphazard arrangement can amplify that “library” feel.

Small rugs

There’s no need to scoop up an extra-large rug when you can get creative and group smaller ones throughout a room. Your pops of colour don’t have to stop there. Bust out patterned throws, pillow covers, and smaller accessories to make a space look extra festive and funky.


Have a fireplace or a weird stretch of wall that juts out into your space? Then consider giving it the colour block treatment.

Add stripes to your stairs

Stair runners are a popular choice for homes nowadays, and they certainly don’t have to be boring.

And if you are looking at making the most of your outdoor space, read our last blog here, it will hive you many ideas on how to maximise your space.