Sasso sofa-bed

€1.886,50 €2.695

Or three slices of €565,95


Sofa bed with Silver Care Gray Mattress D35 H15. This sofa mounts armrests unique in their kind characterized by a zipper with double function slider:

- enrich the details of the sofa;

- allow you to remove the covers from the armrests. The large edge of the armrest makes the armrest even richer and more prominent.


Otello bed base with slats: the Otello ORTOPEDICO model is equipped with a shaped front leg which, in addition to ensuring greater stability, offers an important and innovative design. This model rises in the upper part of wooden beech slats 13/15 cm wide and in the lower part of elastic straps.

The model is equipped with bayonets for quick attachment of the back and arms.

This mechanism at a height of 8 cm from the ground. She is gifted with a pillow holder.

The paint is a baked epoxy powder. To this mechanism mounts a spring mattress, futon or polyurethane. The maximum length is 198 cm and a height of 15 cm.

Silver Care grigio D35/KGS mattress: SCG is a polyurethane mattress in D35/KGS density, thickness 15 cm. The special SILVER CARE coating, obtained with fibers covered with a layer of pure silver combined with textile fiber, neutralizes the static electricity of the body giving a beneficial anti-stress feeling. REVERSIBLE MATTRESS. The reflective and radiating properties of silver give this mattress a thermoregulating, hypoallergenic property and helps prevent odors. It is also a powerful antibacterial.


- Artemis neck structure. 18 Cat. B

- Artemis col. 2 Cat. B

- Artemis decorative cushions col. 2 Cat. B (SMALL CUSHIONS INCLUDED)


- 2-seater sofa 185X110X93 cm, mattress L120 x D195;

- 3-seater sofa 205X110X93 cm, mattress L140 x D195;

- Maxi 3-seater sofa 225X110X93 cm, mattress L160 x D195;


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