The Made in Italy is the core of our project.

In the context of an economy that tends to outsource its production, Classic Design Italia remained anchored in the italian hand-crafted production and in the origin and quality of the materials.

We don't sell sofas, but dreams. That's why we need to mantain the highest production standards, which do not follow the industrial processes, focusing on the step by step and on the attention to details. A completely italian history which we are proud of. We are one of the few companies which obtained the 100% Made in Italy Certification, issued by the ITPI (Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers).

"The word utopia is often used to label what we don't want, can't, or aren't brave enough to do. A dream is only a dream until you decide to make it real, then it becomes a purpose, that is something infinitely bigger."
Adriano Olivetti