Dreams have a date and a place of birth too. Classic Design Italia was born in 1996 in the “Bel Paese”. And among the lovely tuscanian hills in Colle Val d’Elsa it’s easy to dream. From the very first years of life CDI has always been forward-looking, through the interaction between craftmanship and perfection.

It opted for quality and the "made in Italy", receiving the 100% Made in Italy certification issued by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers and actively supporting the "Origini del Design" union.

The Classic Design Italia history is our customers' and our friends' history, who during the years opted, like us, for the design, expertise and attention to details. During our long journey we delivered the deisgn both to individuals and business customers.

BMW, Hermes, Polo de Paris, Air France, Crédit du Nord, Francesco Smalto are only some of the pages of our history.