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Barcelona Set armchair and stool

n line with the stylistic severity of the author, the form is designed exclusively on the basis of its function. The “shell” is only made by a structure of steel bars with cowhide straps, to support the two cushions of seat and back.

for all orders over €8.000


Barcelona Armchair

Polished chrome flat steel frame, with a mirror finish. Cowhide support straps. Polyurethane foam cushions. Upholstery made of individually stitched and piped leather pieces, fixed by leather-covered buttons.

for all orders over €5.000


Chaise longue LC4

100% Made in Italy.

Matt black lacquered metal and steel base. Cradle with polished chrome or lacquered tubular steel frame, and springs through elastic straps. Mattress padded with polyurethane foam. Headrest with feathers padding, and leather or fabric upholstery.

for all orders over €3.000


Poldina Table Lamp

Poldina is a portable and rechargeable battery lamp from table. It is equipped with a contact charging base, touch dimmer.The lamp is also equipped with the function of selecting the light color temperature between 2700K and 3000K.

for all orders over €1.900


TOP - Decorative Lamp

This old glass can now become a very special light object' with the TOP decorative lamp! Its silicone stopper with its conical shape fits into different bottle necks' so you can conjure up stylish lighting with a unique look in no time at all.

for all orders over €1.000