Our 4 Main Furniture Trends prediction for 2020

If one theme unites the furniture trends we will be seeing in the year ahead, it is shifts in the way we live and work.

Our desire for an increasingly sustainable way of life is leading a renewed interest in vintage looking furniture.

Other trends, like furnishings with a playful sensibility and seating that fosters collaboration, seemingly point to a collective desire to make more meaningful connections with our friends and colleagues— and our furniture.


Antique looking and Traditional Furnishing

 italian design sofaOlder pieces not only look great but are also an easy way to integrate sustainable products into the home. People are becoming increasingly mindful of how their shopping habits and daily lives are impacting the environment. The rising popularity indicates a broader return to traditional decor in interiors.

This trend includes classic shapes; beloved prints, landscapes and portraits in substantial frames; wallpaper, tapes, and trims to create rooms that feel exuberant, layered, and full and traditional brown furniture is part of this too.

 Playful, Postmodern, and Italian Design

 Designers are increasingly incorporating playful, imaginative furniture into their projects, many of them by Postmodern and Italian Radical designers. We’ve seen increasing engagement with these pieces, both from browsing and favouriting behaviour as well as from our interior design community. These nostalgic, childlike objects offer escapism to a time before the anxieties of contemporary society and politics—and we’ll see a lot more of this trend in the coming year. “Italian designers seem to be doing this best. Both old and new pieces appear conceptual but are actually quite functional.


According to experts, barstools will no longer be relegated to just kitchens and bars; increasingly, we’ll be seeing them in offices. Higher table tops are often our visual cue of a transient place—where a person can pull up a stool, get some work done, or have a coffee and move on.

As people spend more time collaborating, moving from seated to standing, working at higher tables and counters, the barstoolr barstool is increasingly popular because of its inherent versatility

 Bold Colors, Prints, and Patterns

canapé design contemporain rougeThe prediction includes an embrace of patterned and brightly-coloured, big, bold, and colourful furnishings as we head well into 2020 as well as a resurgence of bold patterns and rich textures such as velvets. Everything that screams opulence!