Outdoor Furniture with Functionality

We promise style, comfort and durability with our range of outdoor furniture. And we can’t help but have a little fun with some bonus functionality – which you might not notice at a glance.

We absolutely love the wow factor of these unique pieces and how they will help create an extra “room” to your house when time has come to live the outdoor life!.

The range of showstoppers will ensure you make the most of your time outdoors. Let’s meet some of our favourites pieces of furniture to create or upgrade your current outdoor space.


The daybed itself is a study in versatility: with or without the canopy, the daybed is large and comfortable. With the canopy, you create your own little paradise, it has been developed with both comfort and style foremost, with deep seating and soft supporting back cushions.




It’s another moveable feast: this coffee table features two sections that can be pulled out or pushed together. The two removable wedges can be moved closer and higher to seating, meaning they’re ideal small tables for a lunch or dinner al fresco without living the pool side. When pushed together, this is a rectangular centre-piece ideal for entertaining with drinks



Want a mobile bar? With smooth-rolling casters, our Cleo Tea Cart travels wherever you need it. It is made of powder-coated aluminium in a stone grey colour, with two teak shelves.
Each is removable for easy cleaning. The opened panels also double as sturdy serving surfaces. The ideal chic companion for your little outdoor soirées


Your day in the sun should have creature comforts. And our designers have outfitted this sunbed with the ultimate convenience: a reclinable teak frame to comfortably move around thanks to its wheels and cushion made of Sunbrella fabric with a dry foam padding.
This sunbed makes the ultimate place to cozy up on a hot day by the pool, Cheers!




The Cleo floor lamp is an illuminating element that perfectly matches with any outdoor furniture collection. An elegant fabric lampshade enriches the wooden structure of the base. Volumes, shapes and balance are the key elements of Cleo collection. It is a composition of objects that can be arranged in multiple layouts but always maintaining a sense of calm, elegance and simplicity.