How to make our quarantine more productive

For those seeking a useful way to spend their time during social distancing—or anyone simply interested in forging a deeper connection with their homes— here are our tips and ideas to make every minute indoors more productive (and gratifying!)

Bring Out Your Art Supplies

Whether you like working with clay, water colours, or drawing, set up a little corner to start practicing art. Crafting and getting creative is such a great way to get out of your head.

Volunteer Virtually

There are lots of communities to support right now, and though we can't necessarily provide relief or comfort with our physical presence, we can certainly contribute by speaking to people on the phone

Work Your Way Through a Cookbook

If you're someone who collects cookbooks but only ever really makes one of the recipes or you've never actually even made a recipe from them and simply use them as coffee table, decor, this is the perfect opportunity to dive in. Plan out themed dinners to spice it up even more! So it is perhaps time to change your dining table!


Give your house a makeover

If you’ve always wanted to give a quick makeover to your bedroom but never had the inclination, now is the time. The trick is to not add more furniture to your space by making sure you maximize what you already have. The new look can be magic.

Tour an Exhibits and online concerts

Lots of museums and concert halls are setting up online, so we can still get our arts, music and culture fixes from the confines of our homes.

Do Some DIY Projects

There are, no doubt, plenty of things around your house that could use some sprucing up. Whether you've been meaning to reorganize the pantry, paint a door frame, or install floating shelves, these minor home updates will improve the environment, and thus your mood (plus, they'll keep you busy).

balloon lamps

Do Yoga or Pilates

There are so many great at-home apps to try. You could opt for a guided class or just look up moves to replicate at your own pace.