2022 Cabin Fever

Pilgrimages back to nature take many forms, ranging from going to live in an archetypal primitive hut to staying in a modern summer home or chalet in remote locations.

Whether floating on a mountaintop or nestled in a lakeside clearing, the cabin represents the adult manifestation of our beloved childhood hiding places – a personal haven.

If you want to restore, reboot and revive, here are our top 3 hideaways in Italy, Finland and Chile for a return to simple life, close to nature and without internet. Just don’t forget to switch off your mobile!

Bivacco Luca Vuerich
Architect: Giovanni Pesamosca
Location: Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy

This tiny A-frame cabin is perched on a rugged, mountainous spot in the Julian Alps, 2,531 metres above sea level. Named after a deceased climber – it was commissioned by his family – the exhilarating retreat sleeps up to nine guests. Strategically placed, the 16-square-metre shelter appears along a summit trail, providing refuge for hikers and climbers. Built in a single day, it offers respite from the elements in winter and becomes a destination in its own right during the summer.

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Architect: Robin Falck
Location: Uusimaa, Finland

This tiny getaway was designed and built in just two weeks. Making the most of a limited budget, the home-owner constructed the cabin using local and recycled materials, which were all carried onto the site by hand to minimise damage to the surroundings. The two-level dwelling, which is named after the Italian word for ‘bird’s nest’, comprises a lounge area and kitchen on the ground floor and a sleeping loft above. An outdoor sun deck measures more than twice the width of the house and serves as an open-air living room. The angle and size of the large window ensures that the compact interior is filled with natural light and that visitors have a striking view of the treetops and water beyond.

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House GZ2
Architect: Paul Steel Bouza
Location: Lonconao Lake, approximately 15 km from Futaleufú, Chile.

The GZ2 is a 36 sqm house located over a small cliff of a peninsula in the Lonconao lake, approximately 15 km from Futaleufú in the Los Lagos Región. The design operation is simple. It consists of an open floor of the free plan which is glazed to the outside, relating with an outdoor terrace, nature, lake, and the views that surround the house.
The second floor or loft is more closed and intimate, with a bed located near a more controlled window facing the lake. The height of the second floor can hold the heat that rises through an emptiness of the inferior one. The refuge is settled on top of an existing stone like a small tower in the landscape, intervening as little as possible the forest surface

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