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If you are interested in browsing our stunning new catalogue and would like more than just scrolling the web, then sign up with your details on our website, our highly experienced customer service team will call you and you will finally receive our brand new Classic Design Italia book. All our collections are listed and will hopefully inspire you for your new home project.




A room where you feel truly at home is all about carefully designed projects and innovative solutions that resembles you. Enter the world of 100% Made in Italy furniture, our new catalogue is now available to download.


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Chaise de direction CDI Collection Armadillo Armchair  1Chaise de direction CDI Collection Armadillo Armchair
On sale

Armadillo Armchair 2

€1.441,50 €1.922
Chaise visiteur CDI Collection Armadillo Armchair 5 2Chaise visiteur CDI Collection Armadillo Armchair 5
On sale

Armadillo Armchair 5

€1.324,50 €1.766
Bertoia Side Chair BE49 1Bertoia Side Chair BE49
On sale

Side Chair

Inspired by Bertoia

€616,58 €822,10
Chaise de Bureau CDI Collection Armadillo Chair 1Chaise de Bureau CDI Collection Armadillo Chair
On sale

Armadillo Chair

€1.175,25 €1.567
Light 16090BLight 16090B
On sale

Light 16090B

€769,73 €1.026,30
Light 18090B
On sale

Light 18090B

€1.031,25 €1.375
Chaise de Bureau CDI Collection Light 14090B
On sale

Light 14090B

€565,12 €753,50
Chaise de Bureau CDI Collection Nulite 28090B
On sale

Nulite 28090B

€1.120,35 €1.493,80


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We would like to welcome you at Classic Design Italia, the biggest online market place for 100% made in Italy luxury furniture. We work with the best craftsmen and Italian furniture specialists in the great Italian tradition. Buy having our customer in mind at the heart of everything we do, we are sure that satisfaction will be met.

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We promise style, comfort and durability with our range of outdoor furniture. And we can’t help but have a little fun with some bonus functionality – which you might not notice at a glance.

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