Need a quick way to transform a room? Discover the Classic Design Italia rug collection.

Ask a stylist what the top three products are for transforming a room, and the answer is simple. There is the lamp, which can change the mood on the fly of a switch. Then there are cushions - to add touches of good humour and colour. And "last but not least", a rug, which has the power to unite a whole piece of mismatched products together thanks to the power of the pattern.

Oh, and we happen to be able to help you in the carpet department. Because the Classic Design Italia rug collection has just been updated to include some pretty fabulous flooring.

Berber style rugs are so hot right now - they have a nice thick pile that will keep your feet toasty warm in the winter but give off a cool Boho vibe that will keep you spending the summer too. Pair it with a beige leather sofa, a multitude of small items like woven baskets for a trendy global nomad look.

Rugs for high traffic areas in your home should be super practical is perfect for a family living space, it is a good way to bring a geometric pattern into your home without completely redecorating. Navy or grey - we would ideally pair navy with a grey sofa and vice versa - and it would look good among mid-century pale wood furniture.

If you're looking for something classic, finish your search with deep wool rugs. Featuring an intricate embossed pattern, it will add a Middle Eastern flavour to the middle of your living room.