Our top 5 modern outdoor furniture buys – for luxe looks and comfort

Furnish your outdoor space with these five modern pieces of furniture to create a sleek and sophisticated space.

As we shift into the summer season, the one job on everyone's to-do list is getting hold of the best outdoor furniture. Finding chairs and sectionals that speak to our aesthetic, that stand the test of time, and elevate our spaces is vital – so if you are looking for elegance and practicality, modern outdoor furniture that offers sophisticated looks and the comfort of indoor furniture is the place to start. We've curated a list of our top five modern outdoor furniture buys for this summer season; they're the effortless and comfortable styles worth the investment.

1. Cliff Outdoor dining chair

The braiding stands out for its complex elegance, pointing out the value of any outdoor living. Whether you opt for a single chair or go for a set, the most fabulous feature about this investment is you can bring it indoors once winter arrives.

2. Argo Outdoor coffee table

The Argo coffee table, with its compact size and rigorous taste, is completely made up of Accoya wood and is exceptional for those looking to create a laid-back Coastal look. Perfect for perching drinks and snacks, this highly moisture-resistant choice is well worth the purchase.

3. Argo love Seat

Sinuous lines in the armrests and geometric shapes in the seats flow together into the Argo sofa. It is the perfect little outdoor sofa is the ultimate outdoor lounging spot for lovebirds!

4. Bashfull outdoor sun lounger

Our Bashfull outdoor sun lounger is great for those who love to take their comfort outdoors. As well as being waterproof, outdoor bean bags are designed to blend style, comfort, and durability, providing somewhere relaxing to unwind in the sunshine.

5. Chaise longue Argo

Voluminous cushions and dense textures characterize the Argo sun bed. The fabric wrapping envelops the structure, supported by essential and linear legs made up of Accoya wood: you will feel floating in the air in style! La Dolce Vita here we come!