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100% Made in Italy. American cherry wood frame and top, natural or black lacquered.


These tables date back approximately to 1820, and they truly represent Shaker style. A style of austere beauty, which has greatly influenced the history of modern furnishings. Based on the absolute identity between form and function, Shaker furnishings were intended to adorn -- Le Corbusier, a century after, will say “to outfit” -- their simple and severe houses. There were no concessions to ornaments, and the superfluous was eliminated -- “less is more”, will state Mies a hundred years later. Also, every piece of Shaker furniture had to be a standard model, reproducible in large quantities to uniform the furniture in the various communities -- just like the serial production of the Modernists. They loved wood, considered a natural beauty, a divine gift, and they used warm colours obtained from the plants and lands -- favourite themes of Organic Design in the 1900s. American cherry wood frame and top, natural or lacquered. For the table (available also without rollers), brass fusion fork with cherry hardwood rollers.




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  • W52,5 D42 H68,5 cm W52,5 D42 H68,5 cm
  • The Shakers The Shakers
  • Tables Tables
  • Table Table
Schema S153

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