Tulip oval dining table with marble top - Inspired by E. Saarinen

Tulip oval dining table with marble top - Inspired by E. Saarinen

Inspired by Eero Saarinen




The “Pedestal Series” – the famous group of chairs and tables with a single leg made by Saarinen beginning in 1956 – met two needs: on one hand, they eliminated the “chaos” of chair and table legs inside the living space, bringing formal order. On the other hand, they gave the product a formal and constructive unity, honoring the principles of “organic design”: one form, one piece, one material (plastic). Saarinen was forced to give up this last principle: plastic could not hold great weights; therefore it was necessary to make the pedestal from an aluminium cast. However, he worked in prospect of a time in which production techniques would make his original idea possible. To give the forniture that fundamental constructive unity: “one piece, one material”. Pedestal in cast aluminium. Bevel-edged top, available in marble, wood or laminate.
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Tulip oval dining table with marble top - Inspired by E. Saarinen 100% Made in Italy. Pedestal in white or black lacquered cast aluminum. Table-top available in the following different marbles: White Carrara, Black Marquina, Calacatta Oro, Bianco Cristallino and Arabescato Vagli. View also the Wooden tulip oval table and the Laminated tulip oval table

The "marble stain protection treatment" allows to drastically reduce the absorption of liquids from the marble table top. This will create a barrier against dirt to prevent deterioration.

The Delivery for tables will be made in front of the house door (no service on floor).

Tulip Oval Table Marble Bianco di Carrara


The Carrara White Marble is characterized by a homogeneous ground paste with shiny granules with a color ranging from white to greyish with gray veins that fade through it discontinuously.

We could safely say that the Marble of Carrara is not a marble but is "THE" marble. All the great sculptors have measured themselves with this material, also called and not by chance, Marmo Statuario (Statuary Marble).


Tulip Oval Table Marble Bianco Cristallino 


Bianco Cristallino is a white marble of metamorphic genesis and therefore traceable to marble with a clear, medium-large crystal grains. Its structure and color are uniforms in the slab and its most appreciable finish is the glossy one.

Its particularity lies in the crystallization of the marble which makes it appear almost as a precious stone.


Tulip Oval Table Marble Nero Marquinia


Nero Marquiña marble is extracted from Spanish quarries with an intense black color with a very compact base. This natural stone is crossed by irregular veins of white or light gray, more or less marked with a diagonal pattern, a detail that gives the Nero Marquiña marble an original and modern look, never predictable.
The Nero Marquina marble, thanks to its characteristics, is considered a material of great elegance.
Due to its characteristics, black Marquinia marble lends itself very well to an excellent glossy finish.


Tulip Oval Table Marble Arabescato Vagli


Arabescato Vagli is an Italian marble with a white background with gray / black veins.
The Arabescato Vagli is a typical marble of the Apuo-Varsigli area, which takes its name from the place of extraction, Vagli in the province of Lucca. The vanguard Vagli has a white color, with greyish-gray veins, only sometimes rosy.
In the pas,t it has been used a great deal for columns and floors of churches, such as in the Saint Peter Church in Rome.
The finish that best compliments the beauty and uniqueness of its particular oval veins is the glossy one, which gives the stone an antique, perfect appearance.


Tulip Oval Table Marble Calacatta Oro


The Calacatta Macchia Oro Marble is a precious and refined marble, used since the Renaissance for the realization of interior design projects and luxury objects. The indisputable beauty of this precious stone makes it one of the most used marbles for its scenographic effect, ideal for precious marble works.
The peculiarities of Calacatta Oro are the crystalline white background with elegant golden-yellow veins.
Able to create warm atmospheres with its light colors with sinuous veins, Calacatta Macchia Oro marble is able to combine beautifully with materials other than marble such as wood and metals. Unique among the marbles, the Calacatta Oro allows you to give free rein to the imagination guaranteeing aesthetic luxury combined with the best lasting performance and new technological trends.
The Calacatta Macchia Oro Marble is the material that expresses the essence of the beauty of the Carrara mountains and the Apuan Alps, combining the idea of luxury with the sober elegance that characterizes many types of marble and in the same way gives personality to the environments.

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