SCHROEDER Side table

SCHROEDER Side table

Inspired by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld




This very famous lounge chair is called “Red And Blue” due to the colors of the back and the seat. However, the first version of 1917-18 was in natural walnut. The colours were added in 1923, under the influence of the “De Stijl” movement, created years earlier by Van Doesburg and Mondrian. This influence is clearly evident also in its angular and accentuated geometry. The chair was conceived by Rietveld with the intention of showing that an object, valid from an aesthetic point of view, could be machinery-made with the use of linear materials. The same style is observable in the small table, designed in 1924 for the Schoeder House in Utrecht, one of the most important architectural Rietveld’s works. Chair: black and yellow lacquered beech wood frame. MD (Medium Density) lacquered blue seat and red back. Table: black, red, white, blue and yellow MD lacquered wood frame.
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 weeks depending on the choices of structure and upholstery
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100% Made in Italy. Frame in black, red, white, blue and yellow lacquered MD (Medium Density) wood.

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