LC3 sofa 2 seat - Grand Modèle

LC3 sofa 2 seat - Grand Modèle

Inspired by Le Corbusier




Presented in 1929 at the Salon d’Automne in Paris, this is the Grand Confort armchair “for women”, which is wider to allow women to sit with their legs crossed in a transversal line. Serial production would become possible only thirty years later, thanks to new techniques and to some modifications, which Swiss interior decorator Heidi Weber suggested to Le Corbusier. Weber recommended also to make sofas, but they were introduced years later, due to firm opposition from Le Corbusier, who retained that the Grand Confort philosophy was applicable exclusively to armchairs, which meets the needs of one person, while sofas have different purposes -- for example favoring social relationships. Polished chrome or lacquered tubular steel frame. Base with double bedded, folded elastic belts. Independent cushions padded with polyurethane foam. Removable leather or fabric upholstery.
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Made to order within 
 weeks depending on the choices of structure and upholstery
If you wish a different product configurationto suit your home you can select any of the variant available from the PDF sheet above and contact our customer service


100% Made in Italy. 2 seater sofa with structure in polished chrome or lacquered. Springs through elastic straps. Polyurethane foam padding. Leather or fabric upholstery.

Product details

  • Dimensions W168 D73 H63 HS38 cm
  • Inspired by Le Corbusier
  • Line Sofas
  • Model Sofa 2 Seater
  • Catalog Download
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