The exterior lighting for a magical garden


There are many reasons to add functional outdoor lighting to your home. In fact, even if you opt for landscape lighting in your exterior design, you'll find benefits you have not even thought of!

So, if you are about to go ahead with this lighting, here are some things to consider:


This is the obvious reason why most people opt for outdoor lighting. You want a way to light the outside of your home for your friends and family to meet on your patio or lawn.

Even if you just enjoy evenings alone on your lanai, you should have proper lighting so you can enjoy it.


General lighting is good for security, but you may want to add to what you already have details such as aisle lighting. It will also help to reduce the risk of someone slipping and falling.

Pay particular attention to areas where traffic may be highest, for example around swimming pools, terraces or other outdoor seating areas.


The right choice of lighting can actually be part of the landscaping. It will help highlight some aspects of your landscaping or garden while providing a nice view. Highlight details like some trees or even added water features like a pond or waterfall. To truly adapt to your unique style, consider ambient lighting or lighting that can be dimmed according to the atmosphere you want to create.


Just as good lighting presents what you want to see, good placement can distract from what you do not want! Use your lighting plan to really make certain aspects of your home or pop landscaping. This will distract from what you prefer not to show, like your utility shed or garage too full! Working with a professional will help you determine where the best investment is.

Value of your property 

Almost everything you do to improve your home will help add value. So, the initial investment for your landscape lighting will have an immediate return by increasing the value of your property. Stay green! - Outdoor lighting in your home can become an ecological project. There are many options available for energy efficient lighting choices when designing your landscape lighting.