In my life, I have been on all different budgets, but there is an element of thriftiness that we have all learned and that I think, is permanent. I LOVE finding ways to make a big impact on a modest budget. Budget is completely relative and in the design world and when people say you can renovate a bathroom or a kitchen for just a couple thousand Euros. It’s just not true 99% of the time. If you want to fully renovate a room, it’s going to be expensive—even with the less expensive options. That said, you can make a room feel fully renovated on a small budget. Here are my top three renovations that give you a lot of mileage for your money.

1/ Paint

Paint is one of the easiest DIYs to do a great job on. It is easy and makes great visual impact. From walls to cabinets to trim and shelves and even any fireplace, painting a room with a fresh coat of white paint can make it look and feel cleaner, more expensive and sometimes even larger. On the flip side, painting something a bold color can make it seem more interesting, trendier or more dramatic. Paint is for sure the hero of most budget renovations!...


2/ Update light fixtures.

Another area where you can get a lot of mileage is swapping out outdated fixtures in your home for fixtures you love. They go a long way in bringing a certain style to a room. In fact, I would argue that outside of paint they are the most important home update that most homes can benefit from.

3/ Polish your old wooden floors.

It is one of the best updates you can give your home (especially if you have original hardwood hidden under old carpets). It’s a lot more affordable than most people think and can really modernize a home. If you don’t have hardwoods, look into options like bamboo flooring. This can also be a great, affordable investment. I have read a LOT of articles about how renovations add value to a home. Many people agree that refinishing or adding hardwoods to a home will add considerable value.

4/ Cabinet hardware and doorknobs

Replacing cabinetry is a big project and costs a lot of money. In addition to refinishing or painting cabinets and re-doing cabinet doors, simply swapping out hinges, knobs, and pulls can make a huge impact in the feel of a kitchen and bathroom. Depending on which doorknobs you select, replacing the doorknobs is also an easy way to make a big and impactful change. If your old knobs are junky or out of date, you’ll really appreciate this minor update!.

5/ Open shelving

If you don’t have a high disposable budget to replace or fix up old cabinetry, consider removing them and simply installing shelving instead. Open shelving is an easy option on a budget but it can also work for other rooms in the house like home offices or bathrooms. Just keep in mind that most people have untidy elements they want to hide, and open shelving makes this difficult. Most likely you’ll have to invest in some nice storage boxes to place on the open shelving to organize your belongings.

6/ Window treatments

If your windows are old and outdated and not sealed properly, one of the options (if you don’t have the cash to replace or isolate them) is to look at hanging beautiful curtains. Choosing a curtain can be daunting and you can get lost very easily, here are my 4 steps for an easy process:

- Create drama with long lengths.

- Choose long lengths and hang the panels high to create a sense of height and intensity. ...

- Avoid thick curtainsin small rooms. ...

- Choose a length that falls flush with the floor to create a modern look. ... Extend curtain life by adding a protective lining.