You will love these trendy destinations ! We would like to tell you that we have already visited them all, but that is not the case, they are definitely on our bucket list !

Lund, Sweden

Located in southern part of Sweden, this beautiful medieval town is dominated by the impressive Lund Cathedral and its famous university which symbolizes the soul of the city. Its streets lined with cafes and colorful cottages reveal a relaxed and very pleasant atmosphere. Watch and hear the cathedral bells ring twice a day, explore the remains of the 11th century Drottent Church and discover the Ingvar Kamprad Design Center, founded by the IKEA's designer himself. Museums and galleries abound, and the arts scene is supported by the large student population. The impeccable botanical gardens are worth a detour, as are the small local restaurants.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Nestled in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in New Mexico (USA) , Santa Fe combines the charm of the wild west with an incredible cultural offer. Built around a central square, the city center strolls along the old cobblestone streets and café terraces. Explore Museum Hill's numerous museums, visit George O'Keeffe's, and admire the fabulous architecture of St. Francis Cathedral, Loretto Chapel and Guadalupe Shrine. Relax at an open-air opera, find some Native American crafts and explore Canyon Road art galleries. The city also organizes numerous festivals and other events celebrating gastronomy, cinema, music and culture, all year long.

Sumba Island , Indonesia

A cult destination among surfers, the island of Sumba is slowly tearing travelers off Bali, its famous neighbor. It is covered with lush tropical forest, refreshing waterfalls and great surf spots. The tourist infrastructure is still in its infancy, so even paved roads are scarce. But it is the price to pay for a quiet respite in the middle of nature, far from the teeming centers of Kuta and Ubud. Explore the vast neolithic megaliths that dot the island, watch the pasalas - the traditional horse-riding games - and visit the small local villages, many of which produce a fabric called ikat. You will spend your days swimming, snorkeling and surfing before filling your belly with simple dishes made from roasted goat, pork, chicken and fish.

Varna, Bulgaria

If you are looking for a truly alternative destination for your summer vacation this year, go to Varna, Bulgaria. Nestled on the shores of the Black Sea, Varna mixes history and modernity without shame. Do not stop just on its famous beaches, the city center also contains some Renaissance, Baroque, Art Nouveau and Art Deco treasures. Stroll through the Maritime Garden, home to a zoo, a planetarium and a beautiful waterside promenade. The aquarium and dolphinarium introduce you to local marine life, while the Archaeological Museum and Ethnographic Museum offer insights into local history and culture. Amateur geologists should stop in front of the Aladzha Manastir, a monastery dug into a giant rock, and the rock formation of Pobiti Kamani, whose energy would be healing. For athletes, take a bike ride at dusk or a bungee jump from the Asparuhov Bridge.

The Shetlands, Scotland, United Kingdom 

A place of wild beauty at the very end the United Kingdom, the Shetlands are a group of islands geographically closer to Norway than to Scotland. The port town of Lerwick is the maritime heart of the Shetlands, while the historic town of Calloway is home to a castle and marina. But the main attraction of the islands remains their splendor intact: puffins, otters, ponies, hares and ermines wander in the moors and among the cliffs, while whales and seals can be seen in the ocean . Explore all this on foot, by kayak or from a boat. Play a night out at Dale Golf Course, dance the night away at the Up Helly Ha Festival, or kick up to the beat of traditional music at the Shetland Folk Festival.

Medellín, Colombia 

Once famous for all of the wrong reasons, Medellín has long since turned the page on Pablo Escobar to become a lively and cosmopolitan city. Medellín is the capital of Colombia’s mountainous Antioquia province. Nicknamed the “City of Eternal Spring” for its temperate weather, Medellin has a lot to offer. New infrastructure, including a subway, cable cars on the hillside, parks and museums have enhanced its cultural heart.  Parque Lleras de El Poblado, a park with bars and restaurants, is the place to go out at night. And if you go there in August, you can attend the famous Feria de las Flores - the Flower Festival.

Caicos, Bahamas 

A former British colony and now a British overseas territory, South Caicos has long been an active island - historically as a salt-watching producer aloof, while Providenciales and Grand Turk were prepared for high tourism of range. With the addition of Sailrock Spring, which opened on the peninsula of the north of the island last year, South Caicos enters the realm of idyllic escapes, offering a high-end retreat while retaining its ancient Caribbean heart .