When most people consider an outdoor eating area they imagine an outdoor dining set located just off the back of the house close to the kitchen. It is usually located at the corner of your patio or decking area and consists of a table and a few chairs. It’s time to re-think your space!

The days of basic patio dining areas are over. More and more, we have noticed garden designers and discerning clients pushing their outdoor dining area into the garden.

By creating a ‘backyard retreat’ for your alfresco dining area further away from the home it draws you into the garden landscape. These types of outdoor living spaces offer a much more immersive environment as you are surrounded by your garden and away from the house.


We have seen a great example of dining area which was created using an Umbris Louvre Roof structure that is freestanding at the end of the garden. Vertical louvres of aluminium and timber shield the dining area from the rear fences and leave all other sides of the enclosure open to the garden.

The Umbris roof contains automated louvres so the homeowners can control the amount of sunlight that they get whilst eating. Plus, when it rains the louvres can be closed to create a fully watertight roof over the alfresco eating area. That means they can carry on eating even during the summer showers or unpredictable British weather!

Yes, you have to carry your plates a little further from the kitchen but the secluded garden retreat created makes it well worth it. In addition, you can look at your beautiful house from your garden and enjoy the view!

Here are our top three easy tips for creating your own immersive outdoor dining area:

1. Surround the garden dining area with plants. These could be plants into flower beds or in containers. By surrounding your dining area with foliage, you will create a lush natural environment that separates you visually from the house, no matter how small your space is.

2. Turn the outdoor dining experience into a garden sanctuary with specialist outdoor lighting. Proper outdoor lighting can help set the right mood and allow you to use the outdoor space further into the night.

3. Plan a pre and post dinner entertainment area close by. This could be a relaxing outdoor seating area with a fire pit.