Since the beginning of time, men need personal relax. Hide from the world and have a drink...or two. Although these "personal places" were probably real caves at first, overtime the "Man Cave" has evolved and is now mainly filled with an incredible number of exciting gadgets. Here are some examples and tips for creating your very own Man Cave (we keep smiling gentlemen !!) First of all: Make sure to balance the areas If you want a central game table, such as a pool table, foosball, pool etc., then go for it. But do not let this overwhelm the room. Balance is key in a Man Cave, as it should be a room with many activities such as a bar, a cinema, a gym or a garage full of cars?


Yes, we know. In most indoor spaces neons are a no-no, but we are not talking of neaon lights. We are talking about neon art. Go as fluorescent as you want on your walls. From directional signs to your favorint beer brand the sky is the limit. Why not referency a movie, a 1988 must Cocktails!!! We bet Tom Cruise has is men cave.


If, as we suspect, your love for sports has to be kept undrcontrol for the sake of your relevant other, the men cave is your safe space and will give you the opportunity to go wilde and show how much you really care about your favorite teams hile creating an atmosphere and a space where you can entertain and enjoy their victory. Do not be afraid to develop your favorite 'theme' : framed sports photos and illuminated signs. If you just want to have a few drinks, watch TV and chillax, keep it simple, decorate  with all those furniture that could not get into the house.


Show some ambition! Do not hold back. Do remember, Rome wasn't made in a day. A proper men cave needs time and dedication. Better install a complete bowling alley that simply moving a sofa and a  68" flat screen.


Do not be afraid to get inspiration here and there, or to openly copy the interior designs of establishments like bars and restaurants that you like. Whether in colors, furniture, or hanging a huge picture of Winston Churchill on the wall, you can not go wrong if you follow the footsteps of the professionals.


Going back to our very first point, if you decide to set up a movie theater - which by the way we totally approve off, try to hide your screen as well as you can. You would get tired of your men cave looking like a cinema all the time. It is worth investing in a projector and a retractable screen.


I know it is only one piece that you really, really like. It seems a great bargain, but it does not fit at all with all the rest. DO NOT BUY IT! It is important to be consistent. Also when color and wood essences are concerned, if some of your furniture is made of light oak, do not buy a mahogany desk. Ever!!