The most beautiful gardens in the world


It takes some skill to claim to have a "green hand": a masterful combination of art, science and intuition in the sixth sense that eludes most people. While many of us try to keep our planters and houseplants alive, there are master gardeners and designers who create their own masterpieces from organized and natural landscapes.

We invite you to share our 5 favorites, 5 of the most beautiful gardens in the world: We ship you to Australia!!


It's an exciting garden to find in Australia, especially at the end of the summer. It is so full of color, texture and movement, and influenced by the New Perennial movement, which is characterized by a more naturalistic approach to planting.

Garden designer Michael McCoy is an extremely talented designer and his planting combinations are truly breathtaking. The view taken from a ladder at sunrise, is breathtaking.


This garden is more intensely managed around the house than when you move further. You can not see where the garden ends and the wider landscape begins. This great sensitivity to the surrounding landscape has given birth to a very personal and very pleasant garden. As soon as you enter, you know that you are in a very special and unique place.


This small garden designed by Miguel Urquijo and Renate Kastner is a few hours north of Madrid. It illustrates a simple and sober garden, sensitive to the surrounding landscape. Heather and yew echo the shapes of distant mountains. The subtle forms and lack of color, except for a few light punctuations, create a very quiet and peaceful garden that is beautiful to look from the back of the house. It is a plant palette that requires little maintenance and is well adapted to the harsh conditions of the local environment.


This is the experimental park and the public garden where the director tCassian Schmid creates masterpieces with his combinations of green plants. It is a garden that his colleague Noel Kingsburterdam describes as "the most exciting garden in Europe". The planting combinations are bold, striking and constantly evolving. Garden lovers make pilgrimages here to witness the incredible seasonal changes.


This is a grandiose Japanese garden of daimyô (lord of an estate) from the Edo period (1603-1868), located in the city of Kanazawa (Ishikawa Prefecture) ). Founded in 1676 as the garden of the Maeda family that ran the Kaga estate, this garden has been maintained generation after generation for 180 years. Along with Kairakuen Gardens (Ibaraki Prefecture) and Kôrakuen (Okayama Prefecture), Kenrokuen Garden is one of the three most beautiful gardens in Japan. The garden has six aspects of 'Rokusho': Kodai, Yusui, Jinryoku, Soho, Suisen and Chobo. As a result, the garden bears the name 'Kenroku', ie 'the six-aspect garden'. This Rinsen-kaiyû style garden has many ponds, streams, trees and an artificial mountain This tourist site welcomes many tourists throughout the year. Even in winter, visitors can admire the landscape of 'Yukizuri' (tree branches are suspended to resist the snow). The garden lit four times a year offers another landscape of the day.