Bedroom Decorating Ideas: How to Decorate a Bedroom

Even though the bedroom is a private space that will be seen by far fewer people than your living room or kitchen, it should be an equally stylish sanctuary. 

Whether you want a traditional design or an exotic retreat, you’ll find bedroom decorating ideas to create the room of your dream. 

Best of all, you don’t need a complete remodel to bring new life to your bedroom. As these rooms prove, some well-placed art, bold wallpaper, focus piece of furniture or even a fresh coat of paint can make a space stand out without breaking the bank.

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Alternative Christmas Trees

Not everyone loves Christmas trees. Some of us find them too much hard work to put up, others are just plain bored of same old year in, year out, others simply don't have the space – or would like to take a more eco-friendly approach. 

So if you'd like a Christmas tree alternative, you're in luck: we have scoured the world of festive offerings for cool and unusual ideas – guaranteed to stir up enthusiasm. 

Best of all? If you do LOVE Christmas trees, these make a great addition to your traditional tree, too.

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Our 5 key trends for Christmas

There is no doubt that for the majority of us, Christmas is a time to relax, mistletoe and the holiday spirit.

In this blog, we are trying to give you some inspiration for the holidays to come and also make you discover our ranges that are constantly getting broader.

The five trends listed below will hopefully help you plan for the festive season.

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Our guide to buying a sofa

Choosing a sofa's a definite grown up activity! It's an investment in style as well as comfort, so there's a lot to consider. Check out our 6 key points to consider – we've answered them in more detail in this buying guide.

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Every year, homeowners focus on ways to refresh their spaces and the kitchen is likely part of the plan. 
The following design trends are worth keeping on your radar. Here are a few ideas that might transform a tired kitchen into a haven of tranquillity

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Where should your next trip be? We consulted travel experts about emerging destinations, and compiled the hottest new hotel openings. It wasn’t easy narrowing this list down to just 5 places around the world, but a few key places stood out from the rest. In 2019, the Southern Italian city of Matera will be crowned a European Capital of Culture, drawing countless visitors to see its architectural and cultural heritage. From remote safari spots and off-the-beaten-path islands to well-trodden cities with new reasons to visit, these are the locations at the top of our list for the rest of the year.

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The 5 best pools around the world

We are always in search of the most incredible sites to find for you and this week we wanted to introduce you to these insane outdoor swimming pools all around the world. Only one thing left to do: pack your bags!

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A Californian “Spaceship House”

“There’s a sense of minimalism and restraint, but the garden is also unusual, and really out there.”

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Rethinking Outdoor Dining Areas

When most people consider an outdoor eating area they imagine an outdoor dining set located just off the back of the house close to the kitchen. It is usually located at the corner of your patio or decking area and consists of a table and a few chairs. It’s time to re-think your space!

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Biggest trends at Salone del Mobile 2019

We were showing at Salone del Mobile last week and we thought that it would be great to share with you what the main trends are for this coming year, here are our findings!

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